Parents with children born with foot deformities have been urged to seek medical attention early to correct the anomaly.

Club footing is a foot abnormality usually present at birth in which a baby’s foot is twisted out of shape or position and it may take the shape of a golf club.

Speaking at commemorations to mark World Club Foot Day, physiotherapist Mrs Debra Mudariki said the condition comes in different forms while in some extreme cases, the foot may turn in or the bottom of the foot can point up.

She however, urged parents to seek medical attention early as this condition can be corrected using the Ponseti method.

Happy mothers, Mrs Sevelina Kavureni and Mrs Lyn Katema, whose children successfully underwent corrective surgery encouraged other parents with children born with such a condition to seek medical help.

Although club foot is painless in a baby, treatment should begin early as the condition can cause significant problems later in life.