A community driven seed company has transformed the livelihoods of 4000 small scale farmers through rolling out seed multiplication programmes under its out grower scheme.

The development has enabled small holder farmers to participate in the value chain process of seed production.

In an interview after touring the 8 hectare maize seed and 2 hectare groundnut crop planted by Mr and Mrs Nyoka in Mayo area, Zimbabwe Super Seeds Managing Director, Mr Nelson Munyaka said the number of small holder farmers engaging in seed production under the out grower scheme has increased to 4000.

“The seed multiplication programme has managed to empower small holder farmers as they venture into an area which was a preserve for large and commercial players. These small holder farmers have a ready market, and have now become active players in seed production,” he said.

ICRISAT team leader, Dr Kizito Mazvimavi said research has played an important role in transforming the state of agriculture with focus now being directed at breeding improved varieties adaptive to the changing climatic conditions.

He said Zimbabwe has a prolific research centre, which has made tremendous improvements in crop breeding processes.

Host farmers, Mr and Mrs Nyoka are expecting a bumper harvest and they implored other farmers to work closely with the agricultural extension officers to improve their farming skills and knowledge.