zim maize22.jpgSeed manufacturer, Seed-Co, says it is now operating in 13 African countries.

In An interview with the Voice of Zimbabwe on the sidelines of the Zimbabwe Investor Conference, the company’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Morgan Nzwere, revealed that they have recently expanded to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Benin, Angola and Ghana.

He said Nigeria alone requires 96 000 metric tonnes of seed maize compared to current production levels of 60 00 tonnes annually.

“There is huge demand for Seed-Co hybrids in Africa and the markets will take us some time to satisfy,” said Nzwere.

Mr Nzwere said to date they have launched over forty maize hybrids all over Africa.

He said there is huge demand for Seed-Co’s seed varieties and their research and development is currently working on new varieties.

“We recently launched a new research station in Kenya for the development of a hybrid for highland areas. Basically, once we develop a hybrid it is adaptable to various geographical areas,” said Ngwere.

Mr Nzwere said Malawi achieved a national bumper harvest of 3,6 million tonnes in 2010 and 3,8 million in 2011 as a result of using
SeedCo varieties. -VoZ