Workers at a local security firm, Securitas are up in arms with their employer over the secret sale of the company to a sister company, Fawcett, which is mainly owned by expatriates, in a deal which they say is against the country’s indigenisation law.

Securitas Workers Committee Chairman, Mr Gilbert Matarutse said the workers have been left in a serious predicament after being advised that they could possibly lose their jobs after their offer to buy the company was not considered by the owners.

“We were only told mid-month that the company is up for sale. We would like to believe that this ploy is meant to victimise certain workers for their known political affiliation as we have been advised that only a few workers will be accommodated at Fawcett Security. We have the money to buy this company anywhere,” Mutarutse he said.

The sale of the company, which is owned by the MDC-T Treasurer General, Mr Roy Bennet, is being regarded by the company’s workers committee as a ploy to get rid of some workers who are considered politically incorrect.

One of the directors of the company, Anne Simpson was furious at the ZBC News crew for getting wind of the story.

She however confirmed the selling of the company but denied any wrongdoing saying the workers were offered a chance to buy the company but failed to secure resources.

“How did you get that story? Please don’t write this as it will jeopardise the sale of the company. Workers were given a chance to buy but did not have the money,” she said.

Observers say the failure by the company to give first preference to indigenous people at the expense of a company that is mainly owned by expatriates is a show of defiance to the country’s indigenisation and empowerment policy and law.