sean-kingston.jpgThe much publicised R’N’B artist, Sean Kingston was left with an egg on his face after he was outdone by local artists Cindy and the United Kingdom based Zimbabwean duo of Bee Kay and Kaz at a family show held in Harare this Friday night.

The much hyped Kingston gigs turned out to be a big yawn after the international star gave a dismal performance living many wondering whether he was indeed the main act.

Kingston was clearly outclassed by local artists Cindy and the UK based Zimbabwean duo of Bee Kay and Kaz who gave splendid and more polished acts to their fans.

The ‘Why you wanna go” famed artist could not perform for long, singing 2 songs before trading the mic for the turntables to take a breather.

Kingston played hits from other American artists like Rihana as his weight appeared to be getting the better of him.

The seven member crew brought by the artist were rendered useless as Kingston resorted to sampling back tracks.

Despite rising to fame with the hit “Beautiful Girls”, Kingston proved to locals that being internationally recognised does not translate to being a super star.