sean-kingston.jpgFans have criticised American R’n’B artist, Sean Kingston who jetted into the country for two shows over the weekend, for giving them a raw deal as his performance left a lot to be desired.

The Mr Kingston shows were not so shiny as the youngster failed to live up to his billing, leaving fans in dismay over his arrogance and failure to give a satisfactory act.

The American born Jamaican came on stage fuming about earlier reports of his dismal performance at the family show but by the end of his performance many were left wondering if he was a DJ or a musician as his performance was no different from that of the previous day.

Fans booed the singer cum DJ after his short stint on stage instead of giving it up for him and described him as a fraud.

Kingston got on stage about an hour late and performed for about 30 minutes, taking more time on the decks than on the microphone.

Sean Kingston is not the first international artist to grace the country in the last few years but his performance has been rated as the worst.

His stage work leaves one wondering if international artists are not always over rated as it is one show that most music lovers would rather keep out of their memory.