The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has urged parents to refrain from mixing the election of the schools development committee (SDC) and political party politics, stating that the practice negates the stipulations of the laws governing the running of schools.

Following challenges that affected the elections of SDC members in the past and their operations in Chipinge, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education held workshops to educate members on how SDC members should be elected and their operational parameters.

Acting District Schools Inspector for Chipinge, Mr Isaiah Masona urged parents to elect upright and competent people to be part of SDCs in line with the dictates of Statutory Instrument 87 of 1992 in order to increase effectiveness of their contributions in the administration of schools.

One of the workshop facilitators, Mrs Locadia Meda explained to SDC members what they are expected to deliver while the members highlighted that they will work within the confinement of the law governing their operations.

The Chipinge education leadership revealed that the district had numerous challenges regarding both the elections and the operations of SDCs, making such gatherings critical in providing a remedy to the challenges.