moses chunga 04-12-11.jpgThe Soccer Coaches Union of Zimbabwe says it has come into existence to address the plight and welfare of local coaches who have been reduced to become sacrificial lambs in the sport.

The union dispelled word that they are a break-away group from the Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Association, declaring theirs is a labour group set out to monitor and protect the personhood of a football coach.

Boasting of a membership of over 100 coaches, affiliated members say they run with the vision of the union which is to protect local coaches.

Among many other obligations, the union will oversee and advice members on contractual agreements, take action in the event contracts are breached, open health, medical and funeral policies and even monitor the sustenance of families of deceased members as well as ensuring mutual respect among the coaches themselves.


Moses Chunga is the Union’s President while Nesbert Saruchera is his Deputy.