scientists.jpgAfrican Institute of Biomedical Science and Technology (AiBST) scientists are conducting research on the dosage to be given to different patients on anti-retrovirals.

The preliminary results have so far shown that the patients should have different doses according to their weight and gender.

AiBST founding President and Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Colleen Masimirembwa, says the institute has so far done research on about 76 patients who are on ARVs.

Professor Masimirembwa says the findings from the blood samples have shown that the dose of 600 milligrammes per day for everyone on ARVs has side-effects on the nervous systems on some people depending on their weight and gender.

“We have done research on how one person can handle the medicines when they take them in. some have high concentrations and we are working on determining the dose reduction,” he said.

Professor Masimirembwa said they have developed a dosing algorithm which is graph that shows the dosage that should be given to patients with different weight and gender.

The research will be conducted on a large sample of patients before final results are sent to the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. The research was motivated by the difference in the genetic and biological characteristics between African and European populations where ARVs were first developed.

The African Institute Biomedical Science and Technology has been selected to be one of the 32 centres of excellence in drug research and development out of 117 institutes, universities and companies in Africa.