Beverage manufacturing concern Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited has buckled to consumer demands with a promise to restore the original Mazoe brands, latest end of July ending weeks of speculation and fear that had gripped the domestic market triggered by their new recipe for the brands.

Images of the new ingredient on the Mazoe brands made headlines on the twitter platform early this month triggering a wave of concerns from consumers with many threatening to boycott the product.

The beverage maker has responded allaying fears that the artificial sweeteners added to these syrups could trigger a health hazard.

In fact, the firm has gave in to the needs of the consumers with a promise to restore the original brands expected back on the shelves next month.

A joint statement by the Coca Cola Company and Schweppes Zimbabwe earlier stated that the ingredients they were now using were thoroughly researched where scientific evidence has proved their safety.

With the global beverage market accelerating for a reduction in sugar based on health needs to cut back on diabetes and obesity, the firm said the latest development on the domestic market falls in line with this broader objective.