The School of Hospitality and Tourism (SCHOTO) is geared for a major overhaul with government planning to incubate it into a university academic programme in the new roadmap for Higher and Tertiary Education to be launched soon.

Management conflicts between SCHOTO and the Bulawayo Polytechnic College over managing staff and reporting structure complications could soon be a thing of the past as government moves in to transform SCHOTO to be a stand-alone institution that reports to structures at Lupane State University.

Addressing delegates during a Bulawayo Polytechnic graduation ceremony, the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Professor Jonathan Moyo said his ministry is finalising modalities to ensure that SCHOTO is weaned from Bulawayo Polytechnic.

Director of SCHOTO, Mr Innocent Nezungayi said the new arrangement is hoped to ignite new cooperation with the entire tourism industry.

Lupane State University is already offering the Bachelor of Technology Degree in Hotel, Catering and Tourism Management at SCHOTO under a scheme of affiliation and the new development will see the institutions offering degrees in hotel and tourism up to doctorate level.