cellphone abuse.jpgThe government has encouraged school authorities and parents to regulate the use of cell phones at school so as to promote pupils education in a disciplined environment.


The call comes in the wake of allegations of cell phone and internet abuse in schools.

Following reports of students’ abuse cell phones at a local school in Mufakose where some students were caught accessing pornographic sites on their phones at school, Deputy Minister of Education, Arts, Sports and Culture Cde Lazarous Dokora said schools must formulate policies that seek to instill discipline on students.

“Discipline is important at schools and we encourage both school authorities and parents to come up with regulations that govern the use of cell phones at school.

The regulations should be in line with the aim of promoting a good environment for education,” said Cde Dokora.

In a survey conducted by Zbc news, parents and students expressed different views as to the way forward whether schools should allow cell phones at school premises with reports of abuse coming in regularly.

Technological advancement has been welcomed the world over as it ushers in a new era, allowing the quick and mass movement of information.

However this development has brought so much misery on Africa whose cultural values are being eroded and replaced by western values.