The first day of school is a moment that has faded away from many’s memory reserves but a visit to local schools on the opening day of the 2018 school calendar revealed the harsh realities of the day that often places teachers into a dual role of mentor and parent while for most school beginners the tears and confusion says it all.

Day one at school for most beginners provides a captivating moment for a good movie shoot.

The excitement might have been there during the purchase of new uniforms but that excitement was no longer evident as reality sank in and it was day one of schools opening.

The resistance could probably have started earlier in the day when it was wake up time.

Gladly their presence at the school premises meant that hurdles were obviously cleared but what faced the parents was one last challenge to leave the children behind.

The tears gave testament of the resistance and the children’s crouched seating told the story of fear and confusion in a new setting.

The parents are obviously excited it’s a new dawn for their children while for others the dilemma is still to get school places.

So goes the first steps of a new journey, a passage that one day will pronounce success for many a children.

The new term for a new year is upon us and one hopes there will be a balance to allow the children to learn undisturbed after government pronounced no child must be chased out of school for failing to pay fees and encouraged parents to own up to their fees obligations.