School children getting food during break time

The National Schools Feeding Programme Support is a strategic investment that is making a difference to learners and subsequently their future contribution to the country.

The news of food being given to children at school almost made Ambuya Nancy Tenda cry with joy as a heavy burden was lifted from her said the old lady who stated that poverty was like a curse as her grandchildren refused to go to school whenever there was no food for them to eat at the homestead.

Mbuya Tenda of Matikwa village in Chipinge South who is staying with his grandchildren following the passing on of their parents said with the introduction of the Schools Feeding Programme, she no longer had to push his grandchildren to go to school who all look healthy due to supplementary food provided by the school.

Mbuya Tenda said Matikwa is in the dry region where a bumper harvest is like a pipe dream with the feeding scheme being a great relief.

“The Schools Feeding Programme solved many problems. My grandchildren who used to refuse to go to school on the days when I could not afford three meals a day are now eager to go to school following the implementation of the scheme,” she said.

The Schools Feeding Programme has proved to have a positive impact on attendance at school, improved learning outcomes and improved health, gender equity as well as poverty and hunger reduction, among others said the children at Matikwa with the same sentiments being echoed by the Matikwa School Development Committee chairperson Elisha Tomu.

“With the introduction and implementation of the Schools Feeding Programme, the issue of students going for long hours on empty stomachs is over,” said Mr Tomu.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is on record for saying no child will die of hunger and the people of Matikwa said the Schools Feeding Programme among other support initiatives gives them confidence on the leadership of President Mnangagwa.