Primary schools countrywide will be jerked into delving in thorough research after a local financial institution launched a Schools Debate Championship today in the capital.

The debate competition will certainly provoke in-depth thinking among pupils from local schools thus aiding the country’s education curriculum by encouraging students to do more research during the competitions said Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Dr Paul Mavhima.

“The national schools debate championship will encourage pupils to conduct research in a wide spectrum of areas. This will nurture them to become articulate and eloquent in their speaking and they will become great leaders in the future,” he said.

The competition is a product of a partnership between the Institute of African Knowledge (Instak), CBZ Holdings as the main sponsor and the National Association of Primary Schools Heads (NAPH).  

The sponsors said their decision to fund the debate championships was motivated by a determination to support the education sector of Zimbabwe as it is key to economic growth.

“CBZ has been involved in various programmes to support the education sector through the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. Our efforts will obviously translate into building the capacity of the economy with skills. We are also in the process of helping fund the development of schools infrastructure,” noted CBZ Holdingsdivisional director, Mrs Molly Dingane.

The championships will be held in all provinces across the country with the winning school walking away with $60 000.

The launch was attended by officials from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Institute of African Knowledge, CBZ Holdings and primary school pupils.