As part of cancer awareness month celebration, primary school pupils in Zimre Park went around the suburb disseminating information on cancer awareness.

Windview Primary School pupils have joined the cancer awareness month commemorations by educating those in their neighbourhood as well as cleaning up the environment.

Some of the pupils who spoke to the ZBC News spoke of the need for early cancer detection while the school parents who joined the cancer awareness campaign were all delighted by adding their voice to the campaign.

On the clean-up campaign, one of the staff members from the school Miss Takudzwa Nderere noted with concern that a lot of money is spent on companies that pick up litter whereas it was the community’s responsibility to keep the environment clean and people should engage themselves in such community service.

“People should just learn to live in clean environments than to keep dirty that is the reason why the cholera outbreak affected us. We are disseminating the importance of early cancer detection,” she said.

During the clean-up campaign and cancer awareness month, the school was assisted by Ruwa Local Board in the clean-up exercise.