Disadvantaged school children in Mt Darwin and Murewa have received school shoes from local philanthropists who were touched by their plight.

It was a heart rending moment when disadvantaged children, most of them orphans, received shoes under the ‘Donate a Shoe Campaign.’

The children’s parents thanked the donors for such a kind gesture.

Tanssagio Marowa and Themby Ngwenya said they saw it fit to assist the children as the winter season is slowly approaching.

An educationist, Mrs Naume Matsa said the gesture by the ‘Donate a Shoe Campaign’ team will forever be cherished by both parents and schoolchildren alike.

The schools which benefited from the campaign in Mt Darwin include Mutondwe, Nyajenje, Chiunye, Chatumbama, Matope, Darwin primary schools and Chiunye Secondary School, while those that benefited in Murewa included Uzumba and Mutize primary schools.