gono 11-11-10.jpgThe Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has called upon local investors who intend to venture into banking to consider investing in Genesis Bank to avoid possible withdrawal of the financial institution’s license.

RBZ Governor, Dr Gideon Gono made an appeal to potential investors to mull injecting funds into Genesis Bank as it is the only financial institution yet to satisfy minimum capital requirements ahead of the 23 April cut-off date.

“The license is there so why should it be withdrawn. We call upon ZIMRA, ZESA, ZINARA and other parastatals to put money in banks that are struggling. We have enough scope for those who would like to go into banking, show the colour of your money and will give you a bank right now,” said Dr Gono.  

Genesis is now the only bank yet to raise US$12,5 million after ZABG and Royal Bank found investors that will enable the institutions to comply.