Parents at Railway Block Primary School are calling for a cleansing ceremony following a satanism scare that has seen 24 female pupils fainting and manifesting after seeing an alleged stripped snake in a black bag.

The incident which has been the talk of the scenic Shurugwi town started three weeks ago.

It is said grade four, five, six and seven girls were fainting and manifesting saying they are seeing a stripped snake from a black bag.

Today (Thursday), the school authorities and parents attempted to convene a meeting on the issue but upon seeing this news crew, the school head ordered the caretaker to lock the school premises with parents expected to produce invitation letters to attend the meeting.

Parents who spoke to ZBC News said there is need to conduct a cleansing ceremony at the school in order to assist the students.

The parents said it is weird that all affected pupils are saying the same thing.

Efforts to get a comment from Ministry of Education officials were fruitless as the district schools inspector for Shurugwi was out of office.