us-flag.jpgVisiting US Deputy Secretary of State for African Affairs, Susan Page who is in the country to solicit for Zimbabwe’s support to land the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme Vice Chair, has reiterated her country’s decade long lie that sanctions on Zimbabwe are only targeted and have little impact on the economy.


In a shocking statement which smacks of the west’s arrogance, Page has insisted that sanctions have not harmed Zimbabwe’s economy.


The US Senior official once again displayed her country’s double faced diplomacy when she denied that sanctions have destroyed the local economy insisting they are targeted. 


This is despite the revelation by the wikileaks website that the sanctions were supposed to destroy the Zimbabwean economy.

Despite Page’s claims, the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZDERA), which was signed into law by former US President, George W. Bush on 21 December 2001 clearly bans American companies from doing business with Zimbabwe.

The illegal sanctions have ravaged the economy as local companies cannot access credit lines while some are even on the sanctions list.

On Wednesday, Zimbabweans spoke with one voice when they launched the National Anti-Sanctions Petition Campaign in Harare.

Meanwhile, Page has publicly displayed her support for the MDC-T exonerating them from any form of violence.

In a speech laden with a pro-regime change tone, Page went on to attack Zimbabwe’s security forces blaming them for inciting violence.

Contrary to Page’s assertions, statistics released by the ZRP Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri during an oral evidence session before Parliament this week confirm that MDC-T was behind 101 cases out of the 121 reported cases of political violence recorded recently.

Analysts say the US official’s statements are simply a reflection of the America’s global bully’s attitude of trying to police the whole world.