construction.jpgGovernment says the illegal economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Britain and its allies have derailed the construction of government projects.

Deputy Minister of Public Works, Senator Aguy Georgias told ZBC News that the failure to complete various projects by his ministry is a direct result of the illegal sanctions which have made it difficult for the ministry to access external funds to help complete the projects.

“We need to access credit facilities in order to finish the projects we started, sanctions must go so that we can manage to complete our projects,” he said.

Senator Georgias said most donors who were willing to pour in funds for the completion of these projects have since backed off due to the negative publicity and the imposition of the illegal economic sanctions by western countries.

“Buildings at the University of Zimbabwe have been neglected since some donors who have been interested have since withdrawn,” Senator Georgias added.

Construction at most government projects in Harare and other parts of the country has stalled and stretched for several years with stakeholders raising concern at the delays in completing the projects.

With the illegal sanctions attributed for all this, Zimbabweans last week joined hands in denouncing the continued existence of the illegal economic sanctions when the National Anti Sanctions Petition Campaign was launched in Harare.