vp mujuru 2010.jpgVice President Joice Mujuru says the illegal economic sanctions imposed on the country by Western nations must be immediately lifted to ensure that local industry secures off-shore financing to boost capacity utilisation.

In a bid to promote dialogue between government and the private sector, last year the business community met the Zanu PF leadership to convey concerns affecting the growth of the economy which was dubbed ‘Business Talks To Zanu PF’.

Briefing the business community, senior government officials and Zanu PF Politburo members on issues raised last year, Vice President Mujuru said the continued existence of illegal economic sanctions imposed on the country by western nations is hampering economic growth and development, hence the need to unanimously call for their removal.

“In so far as a lot of your business operations have failed to secure off-shore financing because of ZIDERA and sanctions invoked by the EU, the question of whether sanctions on Zimbabwe are targeted falls away.

“Indeed, it defies logic to continue to refer to “targeted sanctions” when their impact pervades all sectors of the economy, including health, education and sanitation.

“At our meeting last year, some amongst you spoke unequivocally on the need for sanctions to be removed. Our conference similarly added weight to that call and we remain resolute that sanctions are hurting our citizens, they are unnecessarily and are now tearing apart the inclusive government and hence Zimbabwe,” she said.

Responding to concerns which have been attributed to the business community of the impending elections, Cde Mujuru said Zanu PF is conscious of the repercussions of not abiding by the Global Political Agreement, hence the position that elections must be held this year.

She added: “Allow me to start with what I felt were the most topical issues. First among these, is the issue of elections scheduled for 2011. As we all know, the inclusive government was born out of the Global Political Agreement signed on the 15th of September 2008. The government became functional on 13 February 2009 on the basis of GPA which provides a two-year road map to another election.

“Zanu PF is conscious of the repercussions of not abiding with the letter and spirit of agreements we enter into and hence our adopted position, that election be held this year.”

The meeting was born out of the need for government and the business community to come together and discuss issues affecting economic growth and intervention measures that can be adopted for the economy to achieve the envisaged double digit growth.