amos midzi at rally 16-10-11.pngZanu PF Harare province has scoffed at the latest attempts by the European Union to deceive Zimbabweans and the rest of the world that it is committed to removing sanctions, saying it has failed to address the core issues as diamond mining firms are still on the illegal embargo.

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The European Union recently lifted visa bans and asset freezes of 51 Zimbabweans and 20 organisations that were on its previous list.

The Zanu PF Harare provincial leadership has described the move as a non event, saying the illegal embargo should not have been placed on the country in the first place.

Provincial chairman, Ambassador Amos Midzi, says the ‘piecemeal’ measures by the European Union are only meant to create a wrong impression that the bloc is committed to re-engaging Zimbabwe, yet fundamental issues such as the complete removal of sanctions have not been addressed.

DCC 4 Chairman, Cde Jason Passade, says the diamond mining firms that were placed under sanctions should be immediately removed as this is stifling efforts towards the full recovery of the economy.

The illegal EU sanctions were imposed on Zimbabwe in 2002 as a way of punishing the country for redistributing land to disadvantaged indigenous people.

Although the EU bloc has continued to refer to the economic sanctions as ‘restrictive measures’ against a few of President Mugabe’s close allies, they have wreaked havoc on the economy, resulting in low economic performance and a negative impact on the welfare of ordinary Zimbabweans.

Every February since 2003, the European bloc has continued to renew the illegal sanctions alleging lack of rule of law and unfounded accusations of human rights abuse levelled by the MDC-T and their allies.