sk moyo 29-11-10 ed.jpgZanu PF National Chairman, Cde Simon Khaya Moyo says illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the west have hurt the country’s ordinary citizens and destroyed industry.

Cde Moyo said despite the fact that the West and its allies’ claim that illegal sanctions are targeted at a few people, it is the ordinary people, industry and the country’s ability to fuel its economy that have been affected badly.

The west imposed illegal sanctions when Zimbabwe embarked on a historic land reform programme that sought to transfer land from  4 000 minority white farmers to a majority 300 000 indigenous black Zimbabweans.

The 2011 Agricultural season is set to be the apex of the land reform programme with experts predicting a bumper harvest set to usher in a new era in Zimbabwe’s food production.

Meanwhile, the incoming ambassadors from the Republic of Cuba and Namibia paid their courtesy calls to Zanu PF National Chairman, Cde Simon Khaya Moyo at his party offices in Harare this Tuesday.


First to call was Ambassador Enrique Prieto, who is the incoming Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba. Ambassador Prieto told the Cde S. K Moyo that Cuba and Zimbabwe share a solidarity history that dates back to the days of the liberation struggle.


Cuba seeks to strengthen technical co-operation with Zimbabwe in areas of trade and development and will continue to stand by this country in solidarity in face of illegal sanctions imposed by the west and its allies on Zimbabwe,” Ambassador Prieto said.


Cuba has withstood over half a century of an illegal economic blockade imposed by the US and contributed to Zimbabwe’s development agenda in areas of health, education and other technical support programmes.


Paying tribute to the excellent relations existing between Cuba and Zimbabwe, Cde Moyo noted that the 2 countries share a principled stance of non interference in the internal affairs of other nations.


The incoming Namibian Ambassador, Dr Panduleni Kaino Shingenge did not mince her words as she sent a powerful message to the EU summit getting underway in Belgium this week.


“The illegal sanctions must go as they hurting ordinary people and the whole of Africa speaks with one voice on the issue,” she said.


Both the Cuban Communist Party, Namibia’s SWAPO and Zanu PF have worked together extensively even after the countries’ independence.


A summit for all regional liberation movements is set to take place later on this year.