supa mndiwanziraa.jpgLocal pressure groups have condemned the extension of the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe at the European Union meeting held yesterday saying it shows the double standards of the political grouping as government has made efforts to re-engage the bloc over the punitive measures.

The EU’s extension of illegal sanctions for a further one year has been described by pressure groups as not surprising as there are forces within the country who have been working tirelessly to ensure that these punitive measures stay.

Affirmative Action Group President, Mr Supa Mandiwanzira said Zanu PF has made efforts to rescue the country from the sanctions but the other partners in the inclusive government have shown double standards as revealed by the whistle blowing website Wikileaks.

He added that the extension of the sanctions should not be a surprise since the European Union was working at the behest of the MDC-T party, which wants to fulfill its regime change agenda.

“It was not surprising that the sanctions were extended. There is an unfaithful partner in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) as during the day they call for the lifting of sanctions whilst at night they say they should remain,” Mr Mandiwanzira said.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Justice National Coordinator, Advocate Martin Dinha said the delisting of 35 people some of whom are dead on the sanctions lists is a non event as Zimbabwe is demanding the unconditional lifting of the punitive measures.

“We have the EU trying to move by delisting 35 people. To us, it is nothing because we are demanding the lifting of the sanctions wholesomely,” he said.

The EU meeting held in Brussels agreed to extend illegal sanctions by another year whilst 35 names were removed on the travel ban component of the sanctions.

The efforts by the government’s re-engagement committee on the sanctions were fruitless as analysts believe the embargo will only go at the behest of the MDC-T, which called for their imposition in the first place.