zrp cde chihuri.jpgZimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner-General, Augustine Chihuri has once again castigated the existence of the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the west.

Cde Chihuri was speaking at a function in Harare to welcome police recruits, who toured Mozambique and Zambia war shrines to see for themselves the atrocities that were committed by the Rhodesian forces during the liberation struggle.

He said the sanctions have a devastating effect on the general populace and should be removed as a matter of urgency.

Commissioner-General Chihuri said thousands of people, who are appending their signatures on the anti-sanctions campaign, are sending a clear message to those who imposed the illegal embargo that they are killing innocent lives.

He however bemoaned the fact that those, who called for the imposition of the illegal embargo, are still voiceless and are shy to append their signatures on the anti-sanction petition.

The National Anti Sanction Petition Campaign was launched by the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe on the 2nd of last month.