cash notes.jpgThere has been no upward trend in salary adjustments in the first half of the year compared to the same period last year, though marginal increases were recorded at lower grades.
A salaries survey conducted by Industrial Psychology Consultants shows that salary improvements in local sectors have been limited with firms in mining, manufacturing and telecommunications rated among the highest paying, while sectors such as banking were at the bottom end.


The Managing Director of Industrial Psychology Consultants, Mr Memory Nguwi said there have been no significant salary increments in most companies except at the lower levels.


“Even in those sectors that are performing well, some companies are struggling, so salaries are being awarded on a company to company basis. Some companies are downsizing, there are a lot of productivity based retrenchments,” said Mr Nguwi.
Mr Nguwi said a number of enquiries on remuneration from individuals in the diaspora who want to return to the country have been received especially in professions such as accounting.


He however noted that technically skilled people such as engineers and artisans are difficult to attract as their skills are in demand both at home and abroad.


Salaries in local industry are still rated lower than other countries in the region as local companies are experiencing challenges in acquiring finance to re-capitalise operations due to illegal economic sanctions imposed on the country by the western nations.