president and amai1.jpgThe 21st February movement, has, since its establishment in 1986 striven to mould patriotic youths with attributes similar to the exemplary principles, dedication  patriotism and leadership qualities shown over many decades of struggle by the Head of State and Government and Commander In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence forces President Robert Mugabe.


As the celebration to mark the 21st movement which concide with the celebration of his Excellency , the Head of State and Government and Commander In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces President Robert Mugabe’s birthday continues to attract huge crowd from the country’s ten provinces, youth have been urged to safeguard Zimbabwe’s sovereignty and natural resources.

President Mugabe who is the patron of the 21st February movement took the opportunity to address youth and invited delegates at the celebrations held in Bulawayo.

Celebrations of the movement  offer youths and the citizenry in general a chance to reflect upon and emulate the long walk traveled by a nationalist, liberator, freedom fighter Cde Robert Mugabe , who has a created a legacy of great works.

As a liberator together with the late Father Zimbabwe, Cde. Joshua Nkomo, Cde. Mugabe led the heroic liberation struggle until the attainment of independence from British rule in 1980.

He spent 11 years in Rhodesian prisons and upon his release in 1975 he crossed the border into Mozambique where he spearheaded the military struggle until independence.

After independence, the President continued his crusade for the total independence of the black majority, culminating in the revolutionary and highly successful third Chimurenga that saw the colonial land imbalance being addressed as land was given to its rightful owners, the indigenous people of Zimbabwe.

He is also a renowned educator with a long and illustrious record as a teacher, having taught in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Ghana between 1945 and 1960.

Currently, the President is spearheading a computerisation programme for all schools.


He is the world’s most educated President with seven earned undergraduate and post graduate degrees spanning fields such as education, the arts, law, economics and social science, and to add to his resume he has been honoured, being awarded several doctorate degrees by universities across the world.

As a nationalist Cde Mugabe has solidly defended Zimbabwe’s national interests.


He is also a Pan Africanist, visionary and father figure all rolled in one.

Apart from the liberation struggle his other great legacy is empowering Zimbabwe through the land reform programme.

This year’s celebrations which were held in Bulawayo have seen youth calling echoing his sentiments and praising his leadership of the country.


Cde Mugabe called upon all youth movements in the country to call for the lifting of illegal economic sanctions which are hampering economic prosperity adding that the participation of youths in economic activities is fundamental.


He urged the youths to be proud of being Zimbabweans and to respect those who fought for the country’s freedom.  


The 21st February movement was formed in 1986 as a non political organisation promoting good values in young people.