namibia ambassador shingenge 18.05.11.jpgNamibian ambassador to Zimbabwe, Dr Panduleni-Kaino Shingenge whose country is the current SADC chair, has scoffed at local media reports alleging that the regional body is divided.

In an interview with ZBC News in Harare, Ambassador Shingenge said there is unity in the region and implored on media practitioners to practice responsible journalism and support the unity that the leaders are fostering in the region.

She said all is set for the SADC summit which is planned for this Friday in Windhoek and that the Heads of State and Government have confirmed their participation in the summit.


“The SADC summit in Namibia on Friday is going on as scheduled, I am not aware of anything to the contrary,” she said.


SADC Heads of State and Government converge in Windhoek, Namibia for a meeting where Zimbabwe is expected to inform the region about the true situation prevailing in the country and the state of implementation of the Global Political Agreement.

The question of the election roadmap will also come up for discussion where Zanu PF is saying elections should be held this year and the MDC formations are playing delaying tactics in the constitution-making process in an effort to delay the polls, but some legal experts have said the constitution-making process is an ongoing exercise that should not delay the holding of elections.

The issue of the SADC tribunal whose mandate and jurisdiction were heavily debated at the SADC summit last year will also so be up for discussion.

Some SADC member states including Zimbabwe were concerned that some of the tribunal’s ruling were infringing on some national laws and undermining Zimbabwe’s land reform programme, a sensitive issue for Zimbabweans who waged a protracted liberation struggle to repossess their land.

The SADC summit comes after the Livingstone SADC Troika summit where leaders had been alarmed after receiving distorted reports on the situation in the country by the MDC-T.


Meanwhile, two political analysts, Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa and a Harare lawyer, Aston Musunga say what is happening in the media concerning the Friday SADC summit in Windhoek, Namibia is about agenda setting.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said in 2008, Zimbabwe’s detractors were against the Global Political Agreement and influenced Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai not to sign the GPA document.

chris mutsvangwa 04.01.11.jpgHe noted that the Prime Minister and others are now masquerading as the founders and the protectors of the GPA saying at one time they were calling for President Robert Mugabe to go and suddenly they are singing a different tune saying they should stay longer against the GPA.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa also said the developments demonstrate that such people did not want an African solution to an African problem.

Mr. Musunga said screaming headlines such as ‘Mugabe feels the heat’, ‘SADC in turmoil’ as seen in some dailies is indicative of an agenda setting media.

He however said such media should also realise that the leaders of SADC are freedom fighters in their own right and they know the history of the region better as they participated in the birth of their countries.