sadc summit leaders.jpgPolitical analysts and observers who attended the just ended SADC Summit in Windhoek, Namibia, have welcomed the outcome of the meeting, saying both results are a major diplomatic victory for Zimbabwe.

The Summit dissolved the SADC Tribunal and deferred the case of Zimbabwe to next month’s meeting in Pretoria.

Political analyst, Goodson Nguni, who was in Windhoek said the planned South Africa meeting, which will examine the issue of Zimbabwe, should be the MDCs waterloo, adding that parties in the Global Political Agreement should stick to the already existing election roadmap spelt by the GPA.  Media practitioner and analyst, Caesar Zvayi said it is not surprising that the case of Zimbabwe was deferred as there is nothing new to discuss since the negotiated GPA already shows the way.sadc_map1.jpg

He said there is no need for the issue of Zimbabwe and the election roadmap to be put before SADC as the same parties that negotiated the GPA have the capacity to talk among themselves.

In 2005 the United States came up with a report entitled “Beyond humanitarianism: a new us approach to Africa,” where they clearly state that Southern Africa will be a leading source of raw materials from the year 2015.

goodson nguni 21-11-10.jpgOnlookers believe that the planned summit to be held in South Africa next month should bring to an end the bickering, which has stalled development programmes aimed at improving the livelihoods of the people.

Zanu PF maintains that elections this year is the only way to resolve the bickering by parties in the GPA as this will give the electorate a chance to choose the country’s political leadership.