sadc infrastructure.jpgSADC has been called upon to prioritise infrastructure development which is critical in economic growth.

This came out of the International Project Management Day celebrations held in the capital recently.

Project managers who attended the International Project Management Day celebrations held in Harare on Friday called on the SADC region to fast track development in infrastructure such as roads, rail and energy if the economies in the region are to perform to their potential.

Managing Director of Innolead Botswana, Mr. Oabona Kgengwenyane, said the region’s economic development is directly linked to its infrastructure adding that there is an urgent need to address development in this vital sector.

Project Management Institute of Zimbabwe president, Mr. Robert Taruwona, said Zimbabwe is lagging behind in the provision of essential services delivery and blamed people entrusted with these duties whom he said are incompetent.

Infrastructure investment can lift economic growth and support social objectives.

However, Zimbabwe is faced with challenges in the provision of these services as the power and water supply is unreliable.