The SADC Industrialisation Strategy and Roadmap will be under the spotlight this week as captains of industry and commerce within the region review its implementation in terms of increasing investment and fulfilling the goals of value addition and product beneficiation.

It emerged at the SADC Media Awareness Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa, that the industrialisation strategy though being implemented at a slow pace is however critical in improving growth of firms within the regional trading bloc.

SADC Acting Director for Industrial Development, Dr Lomkhosi Gama said an industrialisation week is therefore being held to focus on challenges hindering the implementation process as well as possible solutions to improve the value addition process.

“We are doing our best to unlock value despite the challenges impacting the region. The SADC industrialisation week also seeks to deliberate on ways to facilitate economic growth, enhance competitiveness and increase regional integration,” Dr Gama said.

At its extraordinary summit held on the 29th of april 2015 in Harare, the SADC heads of state and government adopted the SADC Implementation Strategy and Roadmap for 2015 to 2063.