In the face of increasing cases of child rights violation worsened by the advent of the social media, a call has been made for Southern African countries to implement legal frameworks that protect and promote children’s rights.

As children continue to fall victim to a number of vices including sexual abuse, child marriages, poverty, victimisation and negligence, SADC countries have been called upon to come up with mechanisms that ensure children’s rights are protected at all levels.

Speaking on the sidelines of the East and Southern African child rights conference held in the capital, chairperson of Child Rights Network for Southern Africa Desmond Mhango said many SADC countries have policies that protect children’s rights, however they need to be effectively implemented.

It is important for civil society organisations to work together with governments in mobilising resources to ensure children’s rights to health, education and other social needs are fulfilled.

The three day conference is running under the theme, “Towards a SADC Protocol for Children and Young People”.