mzembi2.jpgA South African Tourism cross sectoral delegation is expected in the country to give a statement of confidence which is expected to boost Zimbabwe’s chances of attracting teams which will participate in the FIFA World Cup which kicks off on the 11th of June.


Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Engineer Walter Mzembi said the visit will come at a time when the region expects South Africa to give support to other African countries to enable them to be used as camping and training grounds.


The delegation is also expected to conclude and sign the Tourism bilateral agreement between the two countries.


From an African perspective, the 2010 FIFA World Cup’s objective is to ensure maximum and effective African participation at the World Cup and improve Africa’s global image so that benefits can not be confined to the host country but to Africa as a whole.


Chances of Zimbabwe benefiting from spillover business during the FIFA World Cup to be held in South Africa in June continue to fade as no World Cup participants have confirmed they will camp in the country.


Expectations were high across the business sector that the World Cup was to bring good business with some projecting half a billion dollars in cash.


This has seen some companies investing in lodges while other support services and departments like agriculture were ready and prepared to supply food products.