diamonds1.jpgThe coming into the country of the South African based diamond expert which was one of the resolutions made during the June 2009 KPS Summit in Namibia is expected to bring to completion the Zimbabwe diamond certification process.

Minister of Mines and Mining Development,  Cde. Obert Mpofu said Zimbabwe diamond mining firms have managed to fully comply with the stipulated KPS standards and the country is ready.


Minister Mpofu expressed optimism that the conclusion of the certification process and the subsequent sell of the country’s diamonds will contribute to the turn around of the country’s economy.


Zimbabwe presented a comprehensive compliance plan last year during a meeting with KPS in Namibia which was endorsed by the executive board against the wishes of pressure groups who dismally failed to push for the ban on the trade of the local diamonds.

Kimberley Process Certification Scheme is an international body that governs the global diamond industry.