Failure by Zimbabweans to venture into package tourism of local tourist attractions has seen foreigners, especially South Africans, benefitting with very little coming into the country.

While Zimbabwe boasts of numerous tourist attractions with the Victoria Falls among the list, the country has not derived full benefits from its endowment with these natural wonders as locals have failed to take up package tourism as a business line.

Package tourism is a form of product bungling comprising transport and accommodation advertised and sold together by tour operators.

Other services provided may include car rentals, tour of various sites, activities or outings during the holiday.

Zimbabwe Council for Tourism Chief Executive Officer Paul Matamisa highlighted that South Africa was the major beneficiary from Zimbabwean products with only a quarter of what is paid them finding its way to the country.

One way of enhancing the sector is township tourism which can also take the package tourism approach while showcasing various community products.

Bulawayo has been identified as one such area with abundant potential to thrive owing to its numerous historical and cultural sites it possesses, according to Mr Douglas Runyowa who is the Director for Policy Research, Planning and Development in the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Calls have been made for local tourism players to play an active role in ensuring the country derives maximum benefits from its tourism products so that the sector can fully contribute to the development of the economy.