south sudan map.jpgSouth Sudan says it is ready to host Heads of State and Government who are going to grace the new state’s independence celebrations on the 9th of July.

The country’s Liaison Officer to Zimbabwe, Mr Samuel Luate says his country has made great strides in its independence celebrations preparations which will also see a Zimbabwean delegation travelling to Juba to witness the birth of Africa’s newest state.

“We are happy as we have made great progress in our hotels in Juba our capital and nearby states,“ said Mr Luate.

Though the February referendum saw the people of South Sudan overwhelmingly voting for an independent state against Sudan, post referendum conflicts are yet to be addressed with the Abiyei conflict taking centre stage.

A decision on Abiyei referendum will be made by former president of South Africa, Mr Thabo Mbeki following the Addis Ababa Agreement.

Around 75% of Sudan’s oil comes from the new South Sudan nation.

However, Khartoum has threatened to shut and block an oil pipeline necessary for export.

According to Juba sources, the country is looking for new access ports in Ethiopia and is inviting foreign companies to invest in new refineries and pipelines.