Africa’s fastest growing airline RwandAir has thrown its weight behind Zimbabwe’s quest to boost visitor traffic from London.

Zimbabwe is seeing growth of an additional fifty thousand visitors from the London market by next year following intensive marketing efforts and engagements.

Meetings convened between tourism industry officials and diaspora based investment groups in London over the past two weeks are projecting a strong position for the tourism sector within the next nine months.

But it is not only the diasporans who are confident of this trajectory, with regional airline RwandAir, who are supporting Zimbabwe at the inaugural road show in London, also buoyant of a positive traction from this market hinting that it stands ready to increase flight frequency between Harare and London.

“As RwandAir we are cognisant of the current marketing efforts by Zimbabwe to improve visitor traffic from London which we believe will be realised very soon. As such we stand ready to support this growth by effectively linking these destinations. As the market grows so shall we in terms of the flight frequency between London and Harare. Currently we are flying four days between London and Harare but this can be possibly revised on demand from the expected growth from this international market,” said Ms Audrey Marase RwandAir Sales Supervisor Zimbabwe.

The government is currently on an intensive drive to outline the country’s growth plan to potential investors in the United Kingdom.

Authorities have welcomed partnerships with airlines which they describe as vital cogs in transforming the performance of the industry.

“We are seeing a positive response from London and expect that by year end we should be able to record an extra 10 000 or 20 000 thousand arrivals from the United Kingdom that is over and above the 73 000 visitors recorded last year. This positive traction obviously requires support from regional players particularly airlines to link our destinations. Obviously we shall be looking for other players but we also want to have our national flag carrier to be up and running soon so that we can derive maximum benefit from this market which is and has been one of our most critical traditional markets in Europe,” said Mrs Rita Likukuma Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Acting Chief Executive Officer.

The prospects for Zimbabwe have also been boosted following support by United Kingdom based travel firm Kamageo will officially launch the Zimbabwean Tourism Organisation (ZIMTO), an initiative funded by the private sector to actively promote destination-Zimbabwe in the UK.