The Rusitu community has appealed for assistance to resuscitate the once vibrant Rusitu Jam Canners Cooperative which collapsed during the hyperinflation period.

143 community members started the Rusitu Jam Canners Cooperative to value add fruits that are found in abundance in the Rusitu Valley.

The company rose to produce more than 300 tins of canned fruit everyday which would be supplied to local shops and exported but operations ceased during the hyper inflation period.

Chairperson of the cooperative Grace Mutitsve said the community needs assistance to revive the company while villagers acknowledged that they are missing out on the jam production which is in high demand because of its quality.

Zanu PF Central Committee member Cde Joshua Saco said the abundance of raw materials to produce jam spread highlights the need to resuscitate the once giant cooperative.

He said the co-operative should be among companies targeted to be revived as it seeks to further the government’s drive on value addition and beneficiation.

The vast abundance of fruits in the Rusitu Valley is currently being unexploited as it is left to rot leading to loss of revenue hence the appeal by the villagers.