henry rushwaya.jpgThe much-awaited disciplinary hearing into allegations of mismanagement, corruption and match fixing by Zifa Chief Executive Officer, Henrietta Rushwaya finally took off at a Harare hotel on Wednesday with former Board members Mwandibuya Mutepfa and Gladmore Muzambi giving evidence before the investigating committee.


Rushwaya was suspended as Zifa CEO pending the outcome of a hearing into allegations of mismanagement, match-fixing and linking the national soccer team to an Asian betting syndicate.


She is also accused of allowing premiership side Monomotapa United to travel to Asia and play under the guise of a national team.


A ZBC News crew was barred from covering the proceedings after being told that the hearing was an internal matter although findings would be made public.


Former Board member finance, Gladmore Muzambi sat patiently outside the conference waiting for his turn to give evidence.

Mwandibuya Mutepfa was among those who also appeared before the committee to give evidence.


Zifa lawyer Ralph Maganga said the investigation committee still had a few more people to interview and this could take another day or two before the matter can be concluded and findings made public.

The association announced the charges against Henrietta Rushwaya after completing investigations into betting, bribery and corruption allegations relating to a Zimbabwe tour of Malaysia in December last year.

Zimbabwe lost 6-0 to Syria and 3-0 to Thailand in the mini tournament.

A ZIFA disciplinary hearing against Rushwaya has been postponed on several occasions to allow her attorneys to study the allegations.

While the hearing took off, Rushwaya did not turn up as her legal team is questioning the composition of the hearing panel and it prefers having the case taken to the labour tribunal.