rushwaya henrietta.jpgFormer Zimbabwe Football Association Chief Executive Officer, Henrietta Rushwaya has been formally charged with fraud, bribery and corruption, but granted bail.


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Rushwaya, who was arrested on Thursday last week, appeared at the Harare Magistrate’s Court this Monday.

She was, however, granted US$500 bail on consent by the Attorney General.

Rushwaya was asked to surrender her travelling documents and to report to police once a fortnight as part of her bail conditions.

Corruption charges against Rushwaya arose after she allegedly connived with former ZIFA Programmes Officer, Jonathan Musavengana and Raja Wilson Perumala, a representative of an Asian betting syndicate and organised international sporting tours to different countries that include Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Oman, Jordan, Bulgaria, China, Thailand and Yemen without the knowledge of the ZIFA board and the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC).

Allegations of fraud against the former ZIFA boss arose after she arranged matches between the Zimbabwe senior national team, the Warriors, and the Malaysian national team which was not approved by neither the ZIFA board nor the SRC.

The allowances were allegedly paid by Malaysia.

Rushwaya is further alleged to have organised an unsanctioned trip for Monomotapa Football Club in which the team travelled to Malaysia masquerading as the national team.

The misrepresentation is said to have prejudiced the good image of ZIFA and the SRC.

Rushwaya, who is facing 15 counts of bribery, is alleged to have received US$1 million as an inducement to entice players and other match officials to throw away 15 matches that were played in Asia and Europe.