Mabikacheche Rural and Urban Sports Promotion is committed to continue supporting golf by introducing its training in rural communities in an effort to develop the sport.

For the past years golf has been preserved for the elite, this time rural communities have an opportunity from the Mabikacheche Rural and Urban Sports Promotion (MRUSP) to train on the sport.

Speaking to ZBC News the president of MRUSP Tavenganiswa Alias Mabikachena said their aim is to teach people in rural communities and school pupils the intricate art of playing golf.

“We are training and introducing the sport around the country especially in rural areas and to ignite passion to the young whilst they are at school and we are also facing the challenges of funds for the equipments,” said Mabikachena.

The origins of golf are unclear as many European countries claim ownership although the Scottish now have more basis for their claims as most rules in modern day golf are Scotland brewed.