Independence celebrations remain an important event in rural Zimbabwe as communities come together to prepare and share food as a sign of unity.

Villagers say building of schools, hospitals and the land reform programme are major achievements by the government since independence.

37 years after independence, Zimbabweans continue to value the gains of the liberation struggle.

Rural communities remain an important group as they maintain the 1980 culture of sharing food and drinks in commemorating the birth of Zimbabwe.

When ZBC News visited Chinhamhora and Mungate area in Domboshava, women were already preparing food early in the morning in preparation for the big event.

Some villagers say, independence commemoration is the time to reflect on the achievements made since 1980 with major highlights being building of schools, health facilities and above all the redistribution of land to the black majority.

The coming together of villagers signifies unity among Zimbabweans that is needed to safeguard the gains of independence.