zrp.jpgThe Royal Police Commissioner of Swaziland, Commissioner Isaac Magagula says his organisation has benefited immensely from the Zimbabwe Republic Police training programmes in combating crime.


In an interview on the sidelines of a joint pass out parade of the Royal Swaziland Police and ZRP dog handlers in Harare, Commissioner Magagula said the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs’ Cooperation Organisation (SARPCCO) will yield the desired results of combating crime in the region through continued cooperation.

He said his organisation has learnt a lot from the ZRP. He added that there is need for continued joint cooperation to reduce crime especially during this time when the southern region hosts the World Cup soccer show case.


Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri who was the reviewing officer at the graduation ceremony said dogs play an important role in crime detection.


He said the synergies among the regional block in combating crime is meant to reduce transnational crimes.


Police sniffer dogs are mainly used to detect drugs and firearms and have been described as an extension of human capital as they go an extra mile in apprehending criminals.