From wreck to diamond is the story of a pimped Datsun 1200 model of 1972 which when you see it today looks like one of the trending posh cars one can get on the market.

As many have seen a number of pimp my ride samples, 63 year old Samson Kuvhenguhwa have proved that not all wreckage is garbage as he refurbished his vintage 1972 model Datsun 1200 car into something admirable especially to fancy lovers.

Tailored with fibre, the pimped Datsun 1200 has been fitted with a modified engine that matches the speed of other modern cars and is expected to hit the market soon.

Not just the pimped ride is their business but the family is in the business of art as they have other projects including sculpture and the one that also captures the eye is the wedding chariot project.

Those enchanted by the horse drawn chariots from vintage movies can look forward to the completion of the horse drawn wedding chariot which is almost complete.

The chariot is also made from scratch using fibre and metal and is meant to motivate youths to think out of the box, create a life out of their talent and make use of available resources to produce valuable goods that could help earn a living.

This move is set to transform the world of wreckage as apart from recycling, most of these old vintage cars that are now ram shackles permanently displayed in the junkyards of many households could be transformed into real valuable cars.