wayne-rooney 20-10-10.jpgBy Thembinkosi Mangena


For the past 20 years that I have seen Manchester United Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson addressing pre-match press conferences, I have never seen the most decorated manager in England as dejected as he looked yesterday.


Was the Wayne Rooney bombshell too difficult to contain for Sir Alex? I don’t know, but who is Wayne Rooney anyway? Is he so important than the club itself? Will Man Utd lose anything by letting him go?


Many players have come and gone; better players than Wayne Rooney.


David Beckham left Old Trafford for Real Madrid and Christiano Ronaldo followed the same route years later.


Who ever thought Sir Alex would let go of Jaap Stam?


Rooney’s hint on Old Trafford exit should not worry Sir Alex Ferguson or United faithfuls. That would open opportunities for the manager’s new recruits who might be a little bit reluctant to take all the responsibilities upon their shoulders.


I asked earlier on, who is Rooney anyway? The much-publicised, but biggest flop during this winter’s World Cup tournament. The biggest flop for Manchester United so far this season.


His presence has never been felt in any football pitch this season and I always question the intelligence of all those who always blame the striker’s loss of form on his personal life.


All players in the world have their own relationship scandals, but they have to forget all that personal life and deliver whenever they are introduced into the football pitch.


The truth here is that Rooney is nothing at Old Trafford.


The club has always been and will continue [though not this season] winning trophies with or without him.


I would like to agree with Arsene Wenger, who admitted that with or without Rooney, Man Utd will this season not match Chelsea in terms of quality.


I do not care about Rooney leaving, maybe you do, but I think it is high time clubs told players that they are not ‘football gods’.

Manchester City, the favourites to sign the England international and Real Madrid, are well known for worshipping players and I think they will soon pay dearly for their big spending mentality.


Let Rooney leave Old Trafford for United’s Eastlands rivals and win trophies there!