UK based Zimbabwean film producer and actor, Daniel Robson Mdlara aka Kool Dee is set to launch a movie titled: ‘Caught in Between.’

Being filmed in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom, the romantic film tells a forbidden love story that backfires for a married businessman and pastor, when her lover finds out that he has been lying about his marital status.

The revelation twists the storyline as the woman starts blackmailing the pastor in revenge, but the clergyman has to fight to save his image.

Kool Dee says his latest production seeks to empower and encourage local producers to come up with creations that compete at the international level.

Actors in the movie have been drawn from different countries as a way of fostering unity and sharing knowledge among the actors.

The romantic comedy is set to premier this August with the producer indicating that he has three optional venues so far, which are South Africa, USA or Zimbabwe where it was shot.