The application for referral to Constitutional Court of a Central Intelligence Office informer continued this Monday with Deputy Director Kizito Gweshe rapping two senior police officers for carrying out rogue operations and being shielded from facing justice.

Deputy Director Gweshe has condemned the rogue conduct by Chief Superintendent Nyaradzai Majachani and Superintendent Shepherd Tachiona both from CID homicide of master-minding corruption activities from the confines of government offices.

He also castigated the investigating officer in the case for sanitising information to spare the two from facing justice, a conduct he found detestable.

Mr Gweshe, who was led by Jonathan Samukange said as an organisation their relationship with the police team in the joint operation fell out after despite there being strong evidence of the active involvement and participation by the two senior officers in the crime, adding that the two were not treated as offenders which is detrimental to the interests of justice.

He said he was shocked that evidence linking the two to the crime was not used in arresting them and was not placed in the docket and joining them in the charges.

Mr Gweshe said Chief Superintendent Majachani and Superintendent Tachiona are the ones who linked them to the complainant Chinese national Mr Guao but surprisingly despite being senior officers they never attempted use their powers of arrest to arrest Nguwaya, but rather chose to act as informers against a person they suspected of committing a crime.

He added that the fall out between the CIO and police was prompted by the fact that Nguwaya was the source of the information of the active involvement and participation by the   two officers in the crime yet they are not treated as offenders which is detrimental to the interest of justice.

Admire Rubaya testified to the effect that his clients’ constitutional right from giving self incriminating information was violated by the police who hoodwinked him into believing that he had been granted immunity from prosecution.