Rodents continue to pose a threat to the wheat crop at Mushandike Irrigation Scheme.

Farmers say the rats which had for sometime been under control are back on an increase threatening their yields.

Over 300 hectares are under wheat at Mushandike Irrigation Scheme and farmers here expect to start harvesting their crop from mid October.

While the issue of quelea birds was quickly brought under control, rodents continue to pose a headache for the farmers and they said this will adversely affect their yields.

The farmers said rodents which include rats and the scavenger mammalian commonly referred to as chisenzi which resides near water bodies have reproduced in numbers and the havoc they are causing on the crop is already being felt. 

Away from the rodents, the farmers highlight broken canals have led to water challenge as the bulk of the precious liquid is being lost.

Mushandike Irrigation Scheme has also fallen victim to illegal settlement and farmers here are worried that this has placed their crop under the risk of veld fires which can be started by the illegal settlers who continue to occupy land reserved for pastures within the irrigation scheme.