Villagers in the Mashambanhaka area of Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe (UMP) have been left in awe after a doomed inselberg developed a crack which has left the community searching for answers.

It is a phenomenon that will need both geographical scientists and traditional experts, to interrogate and present the fact, if it is to give closure to the community of Mashambanhaka in UMP.

The cause is not known but villagers say on the sunset of January 11, they heard a blast, which echoed beyond 20 kilometres and the next thing the doomed inselberg, had a crack stretching over 20 metres.

The argument is could it be climate change effects or traditional signals?

In all this the villagers are appealing for expert assistance to establish the real cause of the cracks which have left the ground shaking and they are afraid a repeat of the phenomenon will have devastating effects.

The place has almost become a tourist attraction as people from the area and passers-by are thronging the doomed inselberg to get a feel of this rare occurrence.

Whether there is a scientific or traditional explanation this incident has left this usually quite community searching for answers.